Thursday, 5 December 2013

First Post, Holidays and Boredom

Hi Everyone!

Well, 2 months of solid holidays is one day away and one thing I know always happens is BOREDOM. You sit their sluggishly staring at the computer waiting for something interesting to happen and complain all day that their is nothing to do. Anyway I know this always happens to me, so this holidays I have created a blog which you are reading right now. If all goes to plan I should blog at least once a week about things that I have baked/cooked/enjoyed throughout the week with little tips and tricks along the way :)

So a little bit about me. My name is Emily and I live in Western Australia. My hobbies include dancing, cooking and baking. I am obsessed with a few things.... but I wont go into all that haha! This blog is all about baking to break boredom. I will be posting all sorts of recipes that I have cooked and how they ended up. Hopefully I will give you some inspiration to get into the kitchen this holidays, as baking and cooking in my opinion is actually really fun!

Hopefully by about Monday I will have my first post up, but I am really new to this blogging thing so forgive me if all the editing isn't perfect. I am open to suggestions about what to bake, so leave them in the comments (I will try my best) :)

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Thanks for reading!!

xx Milly

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